June 2018
Totò, Peppino and the new GDPR
June 2018

We come with this one of ours to tell you.

Ladies! And everyone else too!

These days we are all writing emails to be able to send emails. All sending you (and sending us) privacy emails. Just like we were all in a great exchange of figurines and consensus.
And we too, poor us, poor you.
The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective on 25 May. For this reason, we at Horm Italia Srl, have respected our duty and have updated our privacy policy which we have summarized in the information sheet that you find here and which we invite you to read, given the care we put in writing it.
And if you are curious by nature and want to know and understand something more, abbondandis in abbondandum, here you find a small vademecum of what we are talking about.

That's it. Full stop, semicolon, full stop and another semicolon.


We thank our friends at Lombard who wrote this useful letter on our behalf, making it less boring than expected.