Toyo Ito / 2004

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Architecture meets interior design

The Sendai bookcase-sculpture contains the design essence of the Sendai mediateque in Japan, also designed by the architect Toyo Ito.

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Bookcase with glass or polished aluminium shelves. Structure made up of twenty-five wooden uprights in solid alder wood and canaletto walnut. The Sendai bookcase is available in three different sizes.

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Alder and Canaletto Walnut

Aluminium Mirror Finish

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The Sendai bookcase is also available in the "Crystal" version with transparent, bronzed or smoked glass shelves and is offered in five different models.

sendai crystal

Alber and Canaletto walnut

Clear glass

Bronzed glass

Smoked glass

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Toyo Ito's projects are inspired by nature, «air, water and wind». To him, architecture «is not a tool» but «a meeting place for people's feelings».


At the age of 71, Toyo Ito won the 2013 Pritzker Prize awarded by the Hyatt Foundation.

Medal of Pritzker Architecture Prize

designer Toyo Ito
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