Horm Italia Srl is a global player in the field of high-end Italian design furniture for home and contract use. It aggregates three brands: HormCasamania and Orizzonti Italia and exports its products to more than 80 countries.

Our Vision

We furnish living spaces creating emotions. The core of our project is given by people, in every expression of their daily schedule. Eating, working, socializing, relaxing, sleeping are the main activities for which we manufacture furniture with a high comfort standard respectful of human ergonomics, yet capable of creating emotions and become an expression of those that interact with it.

Those who chose of furnishing solutions feels a cultural and elective affinity with the way we intend design, lives an experience, feels the pleasure of being surronded by something evocative and exciting. Our clients make a conscious, deliberate and desired choice and are not afraid of expressing their personality, of being distinguished and unique also through their taste in decor.

Our Mission

We manufacture sofas, seats, tables, storage units, beds, mattresses and occasional furniture for home decor, working spaces and leisure time with high technical, design and research features that help create physical and emotional well-being.

We concretize our mission through tre furnishing brands that talk to each other, even though they have strongand diverse distinguishing features: Horm, Casamania and Orizzonti Italia. All three together respond to different «taste areas» and are suitable for high-end both residential and soft contract markets.


HORM offers a “contemporary design” style where mediterranean, japanese, scandinavian and North American influences cohabit, as reinterpreted through the culture, passion and craftmanship of Made in Italy.

The collection is addressed to the Residential market, but undoubtedly extendible to Soft Contract. It is dedicated to an adult, educated and conscious audience, looking for and exclusive and refined marking for its ambiances, matching functionality, harmony in shape and fine materials.


CASAMANIA has an eclectic style, as products of common, daily usage are interpreted through avant-garde and cosmopolitan  influences to offer an ironic and «pop» design. Decor leaves its simple function to evolve into a protagonist capable of evocating memories, images, emotions and moods.

The collection is strongly oriented towards the modern tendencies of Soft Contract and can be used in high-end furnishing projects where common areas intended for working or leisure purposes are designed to offer the pleasure of being enjoyed.

Orizzonti Italia

Orizzonti Italia is dedicated to quality resting, both in  Residential  and Hotel furbishing, throughout an offer of mattresses, pillows, slats and duvets: a set of complementary elements to offer a fulfilling sensation of sensory and physical pleasure.

The brand’s philosophy is that the ultimate perfect product does not exist: instead there is the best product for each individual, chosen accordingly to their needs, physical features and sleeping habits. That’s why Orizzonti Italia is a sleep specialist, not a specialist of specific materials or technologies. The wide mattress offer includes various materials (springs, foam, latex) and has been engineered in cooperation with the Sleep Research Studies Centre of a notorious Milan university.

Logo Orizzonti
The Art of Sleeping