OTTO Bottega & Cucina
Novate Milanese / Milano / Italia

8tt8 Bottega e Ristorante
8tt8 Bottega e Ristorante

OTTO was born from the idea of Agri-Chef Lorenzo Lavezzari to bring to Novate, his hometown, a corner of the family farm "La Carreccia" located on the hills of Luni in Liguria. At OTTO the sensation is to enter the Chef's house, in an intimate and convivial atmosphere where innovation and tradition accompany the choice of products. A single table (Capriata, design Carlo Cumini) with 9 seats (Cherish chairs, design StH) fills the room that during the day hosts tasting events only by appointment.

8tt8 Bottega e Ristorante
8tt8 Bottega e Ristorante
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