Embark on a journey into the world of Horm design through these virtual experiences, allowing you to explore our factory showrooms in detail and relive the excitement of our company's exhibition stands at the Salone del Mobile Milano. You can immerse yourself in our products without leaving the comfort of your home, exploring every corner of our spaces to uncover hidden details and appreciate the inspiration behind each creation.

Horm Hub Milan is a unique and exclusive venue designed to function as a living catalog. As a professional in the furniture industry, you will have access to a showroom that is available 24/7, allowing you to accompany your clients in discovering coordinated living solutions by Horm and decorative effects by Novacolor.
By becoming one of our distribution partners, you will have unrestricted access to the hub, which can be visited independently without the need for an accompanying Horm representative. Thanks to the Neven technology developed, you can open the entrance door, turn on the lights, and start the music – just as if Horm had handed you the keys to the house.
Horm Hub Milano is also open to private individuals accompanied by their trusted dealers. Book a visit by writing to luigino.meroni[@]

The factory showroom is located at Horm's headquarters in Brugnera (PN). It is characterized by a harmonious succession of spaces that blend the latest products with the brand's iconic pieces, creating an intimate and refined atmosphere.
When visiting the showroom, industry professionals will find the inspiration needed to meet their clients' needs and engage in dialogue with our team of experts, who can provide personalized advice and assistance in selecting the most suitable furniture for each project.
The showroom is also open to private individuals accompanied by their trusted dealers. Book a visit by writing to concierge[@]

The Plaza Collection, designed by architect Marco Piva and unveiled at the 2023 Salone del Mobile, is a narrative of a metaphorical journey through Europe's capitals, interpreting their most iconic urban squares. This collection comprises tables, seating, sideboards, buffets, desks, and consoles, meticulously crafted not only for the most intimate domestic spaces but also for the dynamic realms of hospitality.
The furnishings within this collection are aesthetically flawless yet simultaneously functional and distinctive. They embody dynamism and lightness while possessing a defining essence, dictated by forms and finishes that seamlessly meld with living spaces, giving rise to novel arenas of contemporary social interaction.

Designed by architects and designers united by the same passion for beauty and quality, the 2022 collection distinguishes itself by seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality, capable of bestowing an exclusive and refined character upon living spaces.
At the 2022 Salone del Mobile, Horm presents seven elegant furnishings for the living and dining areas of the home: the Ella sofa by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, the Mass Pressure Dressed armchair by Dror, the SC1 and SC2 armchairs by Studio Contromano, the Cala Luna storage unit for the living room by Marcantonio, and finally, the Le Jardin sideboard and the Marina tables and coffee tables by Renato Zamberlan.