Welcome to the vibrant heart of the HORM world, where you can virtually take a front-row seat at prestigious events in the design industry and listen to interviews with our designers. This is a unique opportunity to uncover their wellsprings of inspiration, creative processes, and the visions that steer each piece of HORM furniture.
Interview with Marcantonio - Salone del Mobile 2023
Interview with Marco Piva - Salone del Mobile 2023
Milano Design Week 2023 - Fuori Salone
Salone del Mobile 2023
Salone del Mobile 2022
Milano Design Week 2021: The idea behind Mass Pressure
Salone del Mobile 2019
Salone del Mobile 2018
Interview with Klaesson, Koiviste, Rune - Salone del Mobile 2018
Interview with March Thorpe - Milano Design Week 2016
Interview with Renato Zamberlan - Salone del Mobile 2016
The true nature of design