Horm means "sacred enclosure with right to asylum", a place where anyone is free to express themselves.

The company Horm Italia Srl, owner of the three furniture brands HORM, CASAMANIA and ORIZZONTI ITALIA, has a history and a wish to be open to anyone full of ideas. We are always happy to evaluate new proposals, coming from both established designers and from young people with the desire to carry forward their ideas. We would like to thank in advance anyone who has the desire to work with us, regardless of what the results will be. We also want to underline that whatever our assessment of a project is, it neither has nor wants to have an absolute value, but is given in relation to what our corporate identity and philosophy are, with maximum objectivity and intellectual honesty. Upon request, before viewing any document, we are fully available to sign a confidentiality agreement provided by you.


Only ed exclusively by email, at art.director[at]

Because of the high number of requests we receive we may not provide feedback immediately. It is also possible that you may not receive an answer. This does not mean that each and every idea is not evaluated with the seriousness and attention it deserves, but the exact opposite