Horm at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2018
Barbara Hepworth’s works have inspired the latest addition to the Horm house: the Barbara table

At the Salone del Mobile 2018 Horm presents Barbara and Bolero, two tables designed by Art Director Renato Zamberlan and anticipates some of the most important novelties which will see a larger development in the new catalogue expected by 2018:

– new brand identity;
– new color palette;
– introduction into the collection of gloss lacquers and a new veneer, flamed oak;
– new base which can be used in all sideboards found in the catalogue, in Vintage burnished metal, with a Mid-Century Modern style.

This is the beginning of a journey, started in 2017 with the acquisition of the Casamania brand, which will see Horm increasingly concentrated in the residential sector, towards its own interpretation of luxury, both in living and sleeping areas. The development of products for the Contract sector will be increasingly delegated to their sister brand, Casamania, with a more transversal aesthetic cut, although the two brands will continue to communicate, since there is no clear demarcation between Home and Contract, only different interpretations.


Design / Renato Zamberlan, 2018

Bolero is characterized by dimensional versatility combined with experimentation of innovative materials such as the Fenix-NTA©, with a Hamilton Steel finish. Fixed or extendable with two extensions, Bolero is a minimal table, with very reduced volumes and thicknesses. Its main characteristic is aesthetic and structural lightness. All the metal elements, including the particular conical legs, are in painted aluminum, a recyclable material which can be used infinitely.
The ends of the table are embellished with details in Canaletto walnut or natural flamed oak which are applied by hand.

The top and extensions are in Fenix-NTM© either in white or black or in Fenix-NTA© with a Hamilton Steel finish. In world premiere, Horm uses this innovative material (the NTA version© of Fenix) which creates a treated metal surface using nanotechnology which makes it warm and silky to the touch, scratch and fingerprint resistant, water repellent and super matt.



Materials and finishes

Legs: White or black painted aluminum. Ends: Aluminum veneered in Canaletto walnut or in natural flamed oak. Top: Fenix-NTM© in white or black / Fenix-NTA© in a Hamilton Steel finish

Non-extendable table dimensions
(Width x Length) Height cm 74

cm 88x86

cm 98x196

cm 108x196

cm 88x131

cm 98x216

cm 108x216

cm 98x96

cm 108x106

cm 108x246

cm 98x131

cm 108x131


cm 98x172

cm 108x172


Extendable table dimensions — with two extensions
(Width x Length) Height cm 74

cm 88x131 + 40+40

cm 108x131 + 40+40

cm 98x131 + 40+40

cm 108x172 + 50+50

cm 98x172 + 50+50

cm 108x196 + 50+50

cm 98x196 + 50+50

cm 108x216 + 50+50

cm 98x216 + 50+50



Design / Renato Zamberlan, 2018

Barbara is a table with an oval or round top and a central base. The product draws free inspiration from the works of the English sculptor Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975), and from her incessant study of the relationship between humans, the natural environment and materials. The sculptural shape, generous dimensions and precious materials contribute to giving the table a luxurious and contemporary look with undoubted personality.


Materials and finishes
Base: Tactile, natural and recyclable concrete.
Top: Canaletto walnut, Mocha stained ash wood, Emperador marble, Marquinia marble


Roundtable with wooden top:
cm d.140x75H / d.160x75H / d.180x75H.

Round table with marble top:
cm d.140x75H / d.160x75H.

Oval table with wooden or marble top:
cm 120x200x75H / 120x240x75H / 130x290x75H.

The round table, in diameters 160 and 180cm, can be equipped with a Lazy Susan tray with a black Fenix ​​top, which swivels and is removable for easy cleaning.



The new palette of lacquered colors is rich in warm and sensual nuances and is flanked by the introduction of a new veneer, flamed oak, in the products within the collection. The new lacquered selection, also available in a glossy version, transmits both visual and tactile emotion and pleasure, in line with the stylistic direction of quiet refined luxury that the brand intends to pursue. The introduction of oak, together with Canaletto walnut, amplifies the versatility of the products and the areas of taste.




In line with its new stylistic direction, the brand introduces a new base for the collection’s sideboards, with a bourgeois
and elegant taste, reinterpreting the wooden feet typical of Mid-Century Modern sideboards in burnished metal.


New version of the LEON sideboard

New version in glossy lacquered finish, embellished with inserts in Canaletto walnut or in natural flamed oak and with the new Vintage burnished metal base.

leon 2018

Leon draws inspiration from a work by the Polish artist Leon Tarasewicz. The doors play with a striking optical effect that determines its salient characteristic: it looks different from different viewpoints. From the front the doors have a polychrome vertical stripe motif, however from the side they are seen as homogeneously either light or dark.


New version of the COMRI’ sideboard-chest of drawers
Design / StH, 2010

New version in embellished glossy lacquered finish with new Vintage burnished metal base.

comrì 2018

ComRì is a simple and refined sideboard where the characteristic signature of Horm is immediately recognizable: an insert of a portion of the famous Ripples bench by Toyo Ito, made by a “sandwich” of five different woods, which characterizes the aesthetic aspect by changing the minimal approach of the overall design. The element is simply the front of a thin jewelry drawer.


New version of the POLKA DOTS sideboard
Design / Toyo Ito, 2003

New version in embellished glossy lacquered finish with new Vintage burnished metal base.

polka dots 2018

In designing Polka Dots, Toyo Ito has placed a disordered series of circular methacrylate inserts on the doors, in contrast with the minimal and rigorous structure of the piece of furniture. A graphic idea that recalls the Za-Koenji theater in Tokyo which was also designed by the great architect. The inserts represent air bubbles which form in water from undertow currents. Thanks to LEDs placed inside the cabinet, a magical play of light and shadows is created.


New version of the CAPRIATA table
Design / Carlo Cumini, 1997

New version in brushed flamed oak, natural or mocha stain. Capriata is an unusually narrow and long table.

capriata 2018

These proportions, besides being very practical in different furnishing solutions, allow the base structure to be clearly visible with its perfect proportions that recall the trusses of wooden roofs. The project is completed in the extendable solution because, instead of lengthening, Capriata uniquely widens on both long sides, by removing support frames and subsequently opening the extensions like a book.


New version of the SOLAIO bookcase
Design / Carlo Cumini, 1997

New version with closed elements with glossy lacquered hinged doors and frame in solid oak, natural, or mocha-stained or white-stained.

solaio 2018

solaio2018 2


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