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The name is inspired by the traditional costume of the ballet dancer: a slender and feather-light tutù in tulle fabric that emphasizes the elegant movements of the legs and body. The lightness of movement hides the incredible efforts that the dance involves. Thus is the table: fine lines interact with each other to deliberately distract from the technical content.
The language of the product is the contrast: the grammar is in the minimal and extreme architectural geometries of the glass table top, supported by steel rods and contrasted with the sinuous and voluptuous form of the legs, which are inspired by the late 800s. The words of this language are found in the pure materials like stainless steel, hard and cold, walnut, malleable and warm and glass with its transparency and fragility, like the tulle of a tutu.
The engineering details of the table allow for production to be customized to accommodate customer needs and for it to be made in various shapes and sizes.

Renato Zamberlan






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