Mass Pressure

A cube meter of foam rubber turned into a functional art piece.



With this year’s Salone del Mobile Horm consolidates its collaborations with international creative minds, by introducing - in partnership with Novacolor - the MASS PRESSURE chair, ideated by award-winning designer Dror Benshetrit, known for his contribution with the fields of interior design, architecture and art.

Art for the sake of function

The MASS PRESSURE chair derives from the transformation through compression of one cube meter of foam rubber into a unique functional object. Its metal tubular frame grants a comfortable seat, turned seductive through the soft and sinuous lines of the innovative liquid copper-plated upholstery.

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Colours that regenerate the world

The attention to the scarcity of the planet's resources is what led HORM to partner with Novacolor for the creation of the exclusive texture of MASS PRESSURE chair. Novacolor has the experience to work with new-generation materials, continuously researching new solutions, keeping a sharp focus on the environment and eco-friendly approaches.

Sustainability is the way

We currently use up to 50% of our natural resources to build cities that become urban sprawls, degrade our health & quality of life, and generate increasing social alienation, loss of biodiversity, resource scarcity and economic inequality. This trend have to change.

Mass Pressure at Salone del Mobile

HORM present the MASS PRESSURE chair by Dror at Fuorisalone 2021, where Neven amplify the emotional impact of the piece through a high-tech audio-video experience. Out goal is to narrate how sustainable technology must have in the future a key role in inspiring great pieces of innovative design.

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Dror Benshetrit creates ideas as a vehicle for change, where a structural, emotional, or metaphorical shift yields profound results. His passion for ideas stems from more than a desire to disrupt, as ‘ideas reflect our experimental spirit and boundless imagination’.

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