Horm and Casamania have different histories but share the same values, that our video gallery expresses with tangible immediacy. "Horm" in Aramaic means "sacred enclosure with right of asylum": over the years, we have given "asylum" to world-famous architects and designers, emerging young creatives, talented master craftsmen and gifted carpenters. The differences in history, culture, ideas, style and personality of each have been united and exalted in a shared project that seeps passion, enthusiasm and an obsessive, "casamaniacal" attention to detail. With a precise goal: to furnish the spaces of living by creating emotions. That’s why Horm & Casamania products won’t be ever mere "products".

Shall we dance a Tango?
Classic but surprising, versatile and functional, combining tradition and nanotechnologies, Tango table is a real twister.
Do you RememberMe?
A chair designed to give a new life to worn-out jeans and t-shirts, often forgotten in wardrobes. Customizable, sustainable, innovative.
Add a chair to the table...
Wow! Plus is an elegant and functional extendable table: the main tabletop remains horizontal, so everything stays in place.
Born from a drop of water.
Inspired from nature, Ripples bench has been designed by Toyo Ito and made by wise master craftsmen of a multilayer of five different woods.
Carlos, meet Carlos
Renato Zamberlan presents Carlos sideboard to Carlos Cruz-Diez (1923-2019), kinetic art maestro and source of inspiration for this masterpiece.
A new geometry.
Dror Benshetrit presents QuaDror, the furniture collection built around the innovative structural element discovered by the artist/designer.
One idea, a thousand solutions.
Chair or small armchair, plain or quilted, fabric or leather: Lepel is the upholstered seat system which offers a wide range of possible combinations.
A blossoming table, like a Flower
Beautiful both closed and open, Flower is the round table which extends without telescopic rails.
Tyrolean tradition and design woven together.
Granny suspension lamp is made from thick pure new wool handwoven threads.
The perfect convergence of modernity and tradition
Raphia embodies the history of the manual craftmanship of natural rattan in a contemporary context.
Projects / Private Homes / Lavish Home, Miami (Florida, USA)
Starring: Leon sideboard, Ripples bench, Mamanonmama glass.
Projects / Retail / Innsbruck Airport Lounge (Innsbruck, Austria)
Starring: Granny lamp
People at the heart of the project
The new Horm and Casamania brand identity: two different stories, sharing the same values. Two souls, one project.
Salone del Mobile, 2018
First public coming-out of the perfect couple: Horm and Casamania.
Behind the scenes
Backstage of Orizzonti beds photoshooting.