Horm presents a large collection of upholstered chairs and armchairs

Research, innovation, quality and Made in Italy design and craftsmanship are the pillars on which Horm.it is founded. 2016 will be remembered as the year of upholstery.

At the Furniture Fair in Milan, Horm.it will present a collection of chairs and armchairs that combine the mastery of the Manzano wood seat with the tailoring and ability to complete the padded portion of the Brianza. New collaborations will also be introduced with international partners who have been carefully selected for the high quality of their materials, such as Vescom and Kvadrat for textiles, the Swedish company Elmo for skins and the Tuscan company Ausonia for leather. It is the natural continuation of a path which was adopted years ago and was supported by commercial success and international recognition, such as the Red Dot Design Award in 2016, just to mention the latest achievement. A path that has led Horm.it to offer an elegant international mood, conjugated in a refined design that has always distinguished the company. With this in mind, in addition to textiles, skin and leather, other new materials such as marble of Port Laurent, Chrome Black and Fenix ​​have become natural partners for the ash collection introduced in 2015 and the walnut collection which is the stylistic hallmark of the company.

“K” Collection

Even 10 years since the beginning of the collaboration between HORM.IT and Mario Bellini, the products designed by the great architect are showcased in the “K Collection”: a fun name that summarises the daily search for game and irony in the creative process.


Category: TV StandsDesign: Mario Bellini

The Kobra TV stand gets a new look with new material, further developing on the original idea of ​​the designer. The combination of black chrome with port laurent marble or walnut enriches its versatility and is ideal as a product for enhancing the mood while lightening the environmental presence at the same time.

Structure: black chrome
Plan: walnut | Port Laurant Marble


Category: Chairs - Design: Mario Bellini

Three new finishes: natural oak, sap gum and eucalyptus. An expansion of the ki chair range, precisely means wood in Japanese, because it is made of wood only. A 3.2 kg product with soft and sensual lines. The hand of Bellini combined with technological research of HORM.IT. This leads to the realisation that even the impossible sometimes becomes real.

Structure: Eucalyptus | natural oak | sapgum

Sudoku 3.6.9

Category: Bookcases - Design: Mario Bellini

The evolution of a species: an apparently new product, that develops the 2 concepts that are the basis of the Sudoku library exponentially: The play of volumes and refractions, and the possibility of being able to approach the modules without doubling the thickness. The first version of this concept was expressed as a single locked item, but today the bases and tops have been replaced with modular units of 30, 60 or 90 cm, transforming Sudoku into a real pliable product.

Structure: blanched tree ash | moka ash | moka ash and aluminium mirror.
Base: mocha

“Tout le Jour” Collection

Chair _ Lounge _ Sofa _ Coffee table

The “Tout le Jour” collection, translated as “all day”, is a collaboration between HORM.IT and Marc Thorpe. The sensitivity of the collection is rooted in the honesty of the materials and the structures used for the production of furniture. A combination of metal, leather and marble, summarised in an elegant rhythm of proportions and details. The collection is divided into two and three-seater sofas, a lounger, a chair and a small table.

Structure: black metal.
Lining: leather (seats) and Port Laurent marble (table).

Tout le Jour

Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria

Category: Sofa and armchairs / Design: Karim Rashid

Nina pinta e santamria - karim rashidUnique concept of three different forms that can be combined endlessly, in ever new positions and compositions. The three ottomans designed by Rashid become fantastic caravels that explore spaces and open up new worlds of creativity.


Category: Tables / Design: Joe Doucet - Renato Zamberlan

Tango is an elegant extendable table. Moving around the table, an asymmetrical shape change of the legs makes them look as if they are dancing sinuously. The extensions are hidden in a box under the integrated plain. These details and the clever use of innovative materials make Tango a functional and universal product design.

Legs: Blanched ash | walnut.
Top: glass | fenix


Category: Chairs / Design: Marcello Pozzi

Pablita is a minimal and unexpected combination of wood, carbon fibre, leather and steel used with the utmost simplicity and structural expression. It is the result of countless prototypes and experiments to provide a three legged chair with a “suspended” and “Hung” leather seat. The single transversal element is the carbon tube connection, which with its torsional resistance, is calibrated to such a degree as to avoid typical low crosspieces between the legs and obtain a light and visually refined chair. The backrest is formed by the extension of the rear leg “T” along with the inserted steel coupling which adds architectural sense to the design. The image and the composition of parties and sculptures reminiscent of Picasso’s lines. Hence the name Pablita!

Structure: black ash.
Covering: leather.

“Amilcare” Collection | Chair _ Stool

Category: Chairs / Design: Matteo Beraldi

Amilcare is a contemporary chair, from Art Deco, which revises the twisted concept of sitting through a sophisticated simplification of form. Behind an apparent precarious balance, lurks an unexpected strength, obtained from a particular technical ad hoc joint, which allows the back to remain suspended on the structure, thus creating a nice visual contrast.

Structure: black ash.
Covering: string | leather.


Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

In its seat and armchair version, “Andrew” has a clean, accurate and original design. Lightness is the main characteristic of this elegant meeting which aims to search for detail. In the executive version, the soft cushions forms and expands to transmit the satisfying comfort of a chaise-lounge.

Base: black chrome.
Covering: fabric | leather.


Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

Ergonomic chair for relaxation and waiting areas. Convenient, comfortable and innovative in its timelessness. The wooden base supports the ergonomic structure and has a strong Scandinavian appearance. Essential and timely design: the body is thickly padded.

Base: black ash.
Covering: fabric | leather.


Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

A soft and comfortable monocoque chair with sinuous form. It is suspended on a three-dimensional solid wood support. Cloud is placed in the refined environment of home furnishing and hospitality.

Base: Black ash | Walnut oil.
Covering: fabric | leather.



Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

The chair is extremely convenient. The wooden support reminds one of the Swedish style of the seventies. An essential and versatile style, suitable for the most elegant and refined pallets, until you prefer the more contemporary, modern and original designs.

Base: Black ash | Walnut oil.
Covering: fabric | leather. Body: fabric | skin


Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

A comfortable and enveloping furnishing which sets the style for the interiors. It adopts the stylistic elements of the Scandinavian design and offers enhanced comfort thanks to the soft shapes and mitigation. The attention to detail is essential.

Base: Black ash | Walnut oil.
Covering: fabric | leather. Body: fabric | skin


Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

Ginevra is a solid wood armchair made with a complex technological process, the result of historical construction experience that combines considerable competence skills and a deep knowledge of materials. Ginevra is distinguished by the incomparable beauty of the design and the anatomical seating comfort.

Base: Black ash | Walnut oil.
Covering: fabric | leather.


Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

MiladySoft, sinuous and enveloping. It is inspired by the art deco line and has a timeless stylisation. The formal purity of the lines allow Milady to adapt to any environment.

Base: beech coat | walnut oil.
Covering: fabric | leather.



Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

Refined, elegant, slender and attractive. Miura embraces a contemporary design with soft, sinuous lines. A solid wood chair with workings that only the most skilled craftsmen can achieve. Its sensual lines are combined with the most exclusive settings.

Base: black ash.
Covering: fabric | leather.



Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

A single modern creation, characterised by a slender structure, made entirely of solid wood and enhanced by the soft padded seat. This combination, together with a sleek design, makes for an iconic design which is elegant and comfortable at the same time.

Base: black ash.
Covering: fabric | leather


Oslo e Oslo Maxi

Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

Simplicity and elegance are combined in “Oslo”. A dynamic and enveloping design with two opposing shells, combined as a rose petal. Support for “spider”, in fine solid wood, which brings out a sleek appearance, visible from every perspective.

Base: Black ash | Walnut oil.
Covering: fabric | leather.



Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

Simplicity is one of its strengths. The comfortable sitting is composed of high-quality finely worked solid wood sides connected with cantilever beam on the lower side.

Base: walnut oil.
Covering: fabric | leather.


Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Balutto

A solid armchair obtained through three-dimensional woodworking, using complex technologies and experience of high level cabinet making. Velasca represents a real challenge in the expression of Italian craftsmanship and its ability to shape wood products, as if they were synthetic materials. Velasca combines form and function with a timeless style.

Base: black ash.
Covering: fabric | leather.


Category: ChairsDesign: Studio Horm

Fresh and practical. Cosy is essentially functional. Behind its apparent simplicity, hide years of ergonomic research which is applied to wood treatment. The lightly padded upholstery is an option which allows infinite colour combinations and settings. Cosy is a star, not in appearance, but in essence.

Base: chromed metal.
Shell: whitened beech.
Accessory coating: fabric | leather.


“Autoreggente” Collection | Rotondo _ Coffee Table

Category: Tables and Side Tables / Design: Patrizia Bertolini

“Ponty” inspired table and coffee table characterised by the interlocking of legs which guarantees a balance of forces capable of acquiring three-dimensional shape without the use of screws or glue. A static system which consists of three identical “L” elements that create a grid which, combined with the round shapes of the base, generates a visually dynamic rotation effect. The top is made of tempered glass to give the product a light appearance and enhance the underlying simple and ingenious structure, making the details of the joints and the grain of the walnut wood oil visible along with the tapering legs.

Structure: walnut.
Top: glass