Pastorino Suarez Designer

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cecilia born in ’71, and in ’70 Julian. Graduate in Industrial Design in the ’96 at the’ Universidad de Buenos Aires.Professional experience in Buenos Aires, includes works of coordinated image and packaging, interior projects, restaurants and shops, and exhibition stands.Julian in the “Alessi for kids” workshop in ’96, which led him to start a long collaboration.In ’97 they move to Italy, and begin a series of collaborations with various studios in Milan. Julian is working with the Centro Studi Alessi, Studio Ruiz and Matteo Thun; Cecilia works for Network Design and Mario Bellini and attended the courses of Design Direction at the Domus Academy Master in Marketing and Communication at Genesio.Comrades in work and in life, in 2001 created his own studio, and start collaborations with companies like Casamania by frezza, Koziol and Fontana Arte.From 2001 to 2003 they are participating in the Hall group, realizing exhibitions and experimentation projects in Milan and New York during the Salone del Mobile and the ‘ICFF.Cecilia works as an interior designer, and works hand in De8 Architects, collective spaces of the NH Hotel Orio, the interiors of the NH Hotel in Rho, and the concept store Sebiro.Julian, in addition to furniture design, lighting and objects, continues with his interest in the visual arts, and realizes the vinyl toy Sr.Blanco for AtomPlastic, the porcelain figures Hopi & Equus for Alessi, and the Colossus porcelain series for Covo.